Real World Intro to Cinema 4D - by Tim Clapham, Luxx

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Real World Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is well known for being an easy-to-use professional 3D application. But how soon can you produce work you could actually use for a first commercial project?

The aim of this tutorial is to take you from scratch through a project that could be used in the real world. This is not the lightest introduction to Cinema 4D, but take your time and you'll be off to a flying start to using Cinema 4D for commercial projects.

If you use Adobe CC, you'll also find very helpful tips on the great workflow between Cinema 4D and Adobe applications - in particular, between Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Tim Clapham, Motion Designer and Cinema 4D expert

Real World Intro to Cinema 4D - Part 1

Download tutorial files (0.6MB zip)  (right-click and save)

  • Introduction to the C4D user interface and basic workflow concepts
  • Importing Adobe Illustrator artwork for extruding geometry
  • Using Fracture Object, MoText and Effectors
  • Animating using effector falloff
  • Using MoGraph selections to isolate effectors to specific clones
  • Animating the camera with keyframes
  • Fine tuning of animation using F-Curves

Real World Intro to Cinema 4D - Part 2

  • Creating materials for your objects
  • Working with shaders
  • Basic lighting with Area lights and shadows
  • Creating an environment with the Sky object and HDRI
  • Using the Compositing tag to control rendering options on individual objects
  • Creating multiple shots with the Take system
  • Configuring render settings using Parent/Child relationships
  • Outputting OpenGL renders for preview

Real World Intro to Cinema 4D - Part 3

  • Configuring Cinema 4D for multi-pass rendering
  • Rendering Object Buffers and Depth Pass
  • Brief introduction to the Cineware effect in After Effects
  • Importing AEC file from C4D to AE
  • Setting up Colour Management
  • Compositing with multipass renders
  • Adding depth of field using the depth pass

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