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Cinema 4D Perpetual Licences - Maxon Shop UK

Cinema 4D Perpetual Licences

Perpetual Licence Benefits

Perpetual licences have several key benefits:

They run indefinitely. You can use these as long as you like, even if you don't upgrade in the future.

Can be logged as an asset in your accounts. You can log these as an asset value in your accounts as perpetual licences can be resold in the future, if you wish. Their value can be determined by the subtracting the cost to upgrade it to the latest version.

Can be sold to someone else. If you ever need to, perpetual licences can be sold to someone else.

Very reasonable maintenance costs. After the initial outlay, MSA costs to keep the software current are very reasonable. For example, the annual cost to maintain Studio is £525 ex VAT a year currently.

Cinema 4D Versions

Cinema 4D is available in four different versions, which appeal to different 3D artists and budgets.

Prime - provides a core arsenal of tools, which lets you take on a wide variety of 3D projects.

Broadcast - has all the features of Cinema 4D Prime, plus enhanced rendering with Physical Renderer, powerful cloning, motion graphics tools and a high-end content library packed with 3D models, materials, cameras, lighting setups, video footage and scenes. It also contains Team Render (3 nodes) for network rendering.

Visualize - has all the features of Cinema 4D Prime, plus enhanced rendering (Physical Renderer), IES lights, state-of-the-art sketch and art rendering (Sketch and Toon modes) as well as a packed content library. It also contains Team Render (3 nodes) for network rendering.

Studio - contains all the features found in Cinema 4D Prime, Visualize and Broadcast, plus advanced character tools, hair, a physics engine and Team Render (unlimited nodes) for network rendering. The result is that Cinema 4D Studio can tackle any project you throw at it with ease.