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MAXON Texturemaat


Developed over a period of five years, Texturemaat is a library of 348 high-quality procedural textures for Cinema 4D. From lush grass to veined ice to machined steel, these materials cover a variety of tricky surfaces and are ready to use immediately in your 3D scenes.

Being procedural, these textures can handle detailed high-res output, take up only a small amount of hard disc space and can be adjusted quickly using sliders. Below you can see the metals included (click image to see all materials as a PDF).

Previously sold at which is now closed, this superb collection of textures was acquired by MAXON in 2015. We have reorganised the materials into a Content Browser library for convenient drag-and-drop into your Cinema 4D scenes. The library is split into twelve categories: Brick, Concrete, Grass, Greeble, Ice, Landscape, Marble, Metal, Sea, Sky, Space and Stone.

Please note that Cinema 4D R16 or higher is recommended. Also, some materials use legacy reflection. Although you can use Texturemaat in R12 or higher, some of the textures use R16 features and will not look as intended in versions prior to R16.

Please note that Texturemaat will be delivered electronically. Once you have purchased Texturemaat, we'll send your secure download link to you by email. The download filesize is about 18MB. Please allow one working day to receive your download link.

See All 348 textures

The Texturemaat Overview (PDF) contains a preview of all the materials in the Texturemaat library.

License Agreement

Please see this link for details of the license agreement that applies when you buy MAXON Texturemaat:
MAXON Texturemaat License Agreement (PDF).

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