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Cinema 4D Online One-To-One Live Training - 1 hour - Maxon Shop UK

Cinema 4D Online One-To-One Live Training - 1 hour

NOTE: Orders are manually processed during working hours only (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). This normally takes a few hours but can sometimes take longer during busy periods. Please also note serial numbers are processed by our HQ in Germany who work one hour ahead of us. This means we cannot get serials after 4pm GMT. We can only process orders from customers residing in the UK or Ireland.


We're delighted to offer Cinema 4D Online Live Training, where you can interact and learn from our in-house Software Trainer: Matt Umney. This service is provided by a screen sharing tool that shares Matt's screen and sound direct to you. You'll need a reasonably fast internet connection and you can communicate back to him by either your computer mic or text chat.

Matt has been using Cinema 4D for many years and, prior to joining MAXON, he taught it at college for about a decade, to hundreds of students over that time. Matt's style of teaching is very easy and clear to follow. Since working for MAXON, he's created a bunch of handy tutorials, which you can see on our MAXON UK YouTube Channel. Take a look and you'll see that he knows a lot about the software and can convey it in ways that are clear and easy to understand.

Online Live Training can be on any subject that you wish. Prior to booking the training, we suggest you call us on 01525 406799 to chat to Matt or email him and ensure that he can cover what you want to learn about. Matt will also give you an estimate of time required to teach what you want to know about. Please note that you'll need to book the appropriate amount of hours, prior to Matt starting the training with you.

One thing to bear in mind is that no Cinema 4D user can possibly know everything about the software, so bear in mind that Matt can't provide training on every feature. He can help you with:

  • General modelling, lighting, texturing, animation and rendering.
  • Medium complexity character animation.
  • Best practices for scene set up.
  • Project assistance / advice.
  • Basic use of most specialist toolsets like MoGraph, Dynamics, Advanced Render.
  • General advice on best ways to tackle a particular task.

 Once you place your order for training, Matt will be in contact to arrange a suitable time to train you. 

Online Training Testimonial

"Matt has been brilliant at helping me get back into the Cinema 4D field. I was returning to Cinema 4D after quite a long break and changing the context as to why I was using it so I had a lot of questions. Matt was very patient at helping me to re-discover the program and allowed me to shape the training in order to directly fit my needs. He was able to change the direction of the training based on my questions and needs at a moment's notice, which I found very professional and helpful. 

The learning from the sessions I had with Matt have given me a very good base to start exploring C4D again and, at the same time, make sure I can deliver what my business needs from me to a great quality.  Matt is really friendly and approachable, making training with him a very enjoyable experience (even over Skype!)." - Maisie McDowell, Designer at Royal Canin.

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