Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to cover all questions on our online shop. However some questions seem to frequently get asked. These are covered on various sections of the site, but here they are again in one area for you.

"What are the different versions?"

MAXON offers 4 different Cinema 4D versions: Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio. A product comparison chart for these can be found here

"What does Perpetual mean?"

A Perpetual Licence is a non-expiring Licence.

"What is MSA?"

The MSA, or Maxon Service Agreement, is an optional add on for any licence on the current version. MSA benefits include:

  • Free upgrades for the period the Licence is covered,
  • A 2nd installation (i.e. home/work machines) cannot be used simultaneously and
  • Subscription to our training and tutorial site

"Do you offer a payment plan?"

No. However we do accept credit card payments. One way to bridge the cost of a licence is to use a credit card which offers 0% on purchases for a certain period. There are many to choose from. Whilst we can't recommend a particular card, you can read about some options here. We also offer short-term licences (see next FAQ).

"Do you offer a subscription?"

Whilst we don't have a monthly offer, we do offer 3 and 6 Month Short Term Licence options for both Studio and Prime. Information can be found here.

"Where can I download the software?"

If you have purchased the software you can find your installers via your ePortfolio account. You get sent your link to set up and access the account typically a few hours after purchase.

"I cannot log into the shop?"

The log in for MAXON’s Online Shop is not your ePortfolio log in, it is a separate system called ePortfolio. If you want to see your shop order though, you can do so here.

"Can I buy an older version of Cinema 4D?"

No. We only sell the latest version of Cinema 4D. This ensures the software works with the latest Operating Systems.

"Can I purchase on this shop if I live outside of the UK?"

No. This shop is only for customers based in the UK & Ireland. If you aren't based in either location, we can't supply you. You can find your local distributor here.

"I have placed my order, when will I receive my download and serial?"

All orders are processed manually by our Sales Team during Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM. Each order requires sending to our HQ in Germany who then create an account for your installer and serial number. Please note that German time is 1 hour ahead so the last time they process an order is 4PM GMT. If you have placed an order outside of these times, please be patient as you will receive your download and serial information during the next working day. If you are still concerned please email us at or call us on 01525 406799.